Monday, May 23, 2011

Hammer'n Buff

I just got my new planishing hammer and Buffing motor. As soon as I opened the box I seen a problem with the bottom of the planishing hammers lower die holder..... Its big and square. I will need to make a smaller round one that sticks up.  Its a lot better than the old shit hammer I had.

I really needed a buffing wheel to polish up parts because I'm starting to use some stainless steel now. I'm sick and tyred of dealing fucking chromers!


  1. Fuck chromers!...Build a room for that buffer its gonna make a shit ass mess. That hammer is nice bro but i can see what you mean about the the square bottom wtf it the point in making it wider than the die? Damn computer engineers making metal working tools.

  2. What brand is that planishing hammer? I've never seen one with a air hammer motor like that before. Looks like a nice unit except for what you pointed out.