Sunday, June 19, 2011

Done for Born Free

Man this bike put up a fight! Yesterday I fired it up and took it for a test drive then when I was checking everything wile it was running I noticed a little puff of air coming from the side of the motor???? WTF... I shut her down and did a leak down test, fucking head gasket. So last night was a late one but I got it done. Now I need to change oil in my truck and grease wheel brg's on the trailer load up and Im off to SoCal man!!
Born Free here I come.


  1. Wicked! Hope you have a blast!

  2. Your an absolutely sick individual and for that I'm proud to know you!!! For once I got lucky and didn't blow a head gasket on a fresh bike, the Knuckle has just been chugging right along like a champ!!!! Seriously great job AGAIN!!!!