Saturday, June 4, 2011

must work harder.....

Pete's bike is done.....
This bike has a horn,signal lights front and rear,signal light indicators in the bars with a neutral light and a high and low beam, also a speedo, chain guard, kill switch on the right hand side of the bars and must be right beside the throttle, mirrors, and.... Man all this shit on a bike can make it look fugly. I try and make it as clean as possible. The stuff you don't see I still have to put on for it to pass is, front fender,mufflers and another mirror on the left, oh ya and a lic plate light.
Good thing I have to put all this shit on a bike to pass inspections, you know because it will make it way safer out there for you...... especially when that dumb ass chick in her BMW talking on here cell phone wile doing her make up is turning left in front of you threw a red light. But hey not to worry your horn and chain guard will save you!!! FUCK YOU D.O.T!!!!!
I'm just finishing Craig's bike now. Craig buddy you should be done for Wednesday bro.
Im going back to work now.....


  1. Haha that's awesome Dale! fucken rights i can't wait to see er and do some baggin soon!! so pumped!

  2. nice man! cant see any trace of the gay shit you mentioned but having ridden your bikes I know it's on there neatly stashed in the bars.