Friday, November 18, 2011

Web Candy Calgary

I wanted to update my web site for over a year now but the last time I gave Web Candy some pictures and a little content they wanted to charge the living hell out of me! I picked Web Candy to build my web site because they told me and I quote  "Oh ya Dale its no problem putting up new bikes on your site it will only take a couple of seconds to do something like that and it will help keep your cost down that way"
Every time I want to do any changes they give me the run around and want to charge the hell out of me!
I have to work very hard to make a buck and not only that I have to create something out of nothing.
At Web Candy they charge a lot more that what I charge per hr and push buttons on a key board. They don't know the first thing out side of clip art. I gave them all my photos and Chad a good friend of mine did all the art work.
Yes I'm a little pissed off and yes I hope this gets all over the Internet when some does a search for    in Calgary.

I'm looking for some one to help me build up a new web site that isn't going to rip me off every time I want to make little changes or just ad a picture!

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