Friday, August 24, 2012

Speed Metal at Sturgis

Ran into Dave at Sturgis. We went on the Michael Lichter Ride and lunch. By the time we got kick started and going the pack was well ahead of us so we ran at the back of the pack. We caught up to them on a fuel stop about 20miles down the road but by the time we got running again everyone was well ahead of us. We set out to catch up to the pack and saw some guys on the side of the road stopped ahead so we pulled over, it was Sugar Bear and Dan (bacon). Just after we stopped out of the corner of our eye we saw Sugar Bear turned around and take off in the direction we had just come from? I looked at Dave and shrugged my shoulders then we set off in the same direction we started, hindsight... we should have followed Sugar Bear.

After thirty five miles of riding down the road we decided to turn back around. Take a look at Dave's tank, mine isn't that much bigger.  Fifteen miles later Dave ran out of gas. This guy with a pick up pulled over and gave us a water bottle so I pulled off my fuel line and filled up the water bottle and dumped it into his tank...another ten miles down the road poor Dave ran out again but this time I pulled up beside him before he stopped and put my foot on his bike and pushed him for another five miles before my leg gave out.

We were lucky enough to have this guy pull over with his bagger. This guy had two jerry cans full of gas he said, " man I have wanted to use these for a long time ". Rad! Who the hell runs around with 6 gallon fuel tanks and another four gallons of fuel in there bags?We filled up Dave's tank and I took on a splash.

About half a mile from the gas station at a four way stop in this little ass town I ran out, Dave looked over his shoulder at me and I yelled out, " save yourself man keep going"!  The Bagger gas station stopped behind me and gave me a splash to get me down the road. When I caught up with Dave at the gas station and found out where everyone went we were about an hr and a half behind.

Everyone was at this ranch about fifteen miles down the road. Bt the time we rolled in and found out where the food was we got the last wrinkled ass hot dog and flat shrunken hamburger patty in this cold aluminum pan.  Mmmm I was starving and so was Dave we didn't give a shit, it was like we were stranded on a no gas deserted island running in circles and we found an oasis of crappy cold food and cold beer.
It was the best ride I had in Sturgis to date!

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