Monday, December 17, 2012

Price shoppers

For all you people wanting a price on my bikes... How can you compare price when you haven even seen one of my bikes? Simple you CAN'T ! So please don't email me and ask

"hey just wondering how much you charge?"

If you this guy... " hey I want to build a bobber how much?"

I'm not going to answer your email because I'm sure you can get a Honda for a great deal and I'm pretty sure you won't even know the difference.

Don't get me wrong here I like all bikes! Even the showroom bikes, but I don't build those so stop comparing them and there prices with mine!

Also I don't just build a bike for someone because they have a wad of cash. No it's got nothing to do with if I think your cool or not! What i care about is that you are a good person and represent. I try and build to your budget and still maintain my standards of quality.
So if I don't come across as eager to build you a bike and answer your emails in detail it's because you don't seem to eager to own one.

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